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  • A Named Non Owners Policy is the cheapest way to obtain a sr22 filing the premiums are up to 50% less than an owner’s policy.
  • It is a secondary liability policy that will follow you when driving someone else’s vehicle that you have no ownership in.
  • It can only pay after the other person’s insurance policy has been exhausted.
  • It will not cover you on any vehicle you or a spouse own or a vehicle that is registered to an address that you live at.
  • It does not cover any work related driving
  • If you obtain a vehicle you must add it to the policy to have the coverage changed to an owner’s policy to have coverage.

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Following the suspension of your driver’s license, you may need help reestablishing yourself as someone worthy of driving privileges again. When operating any vehicle, you must have liability coverage and a valid license whether you are the owner or not. If you want the opportunity to legally drive someone else’s car, you will have to work through both of these steps first. However, you may not know where or how to start the process of getting your license reinstated. Fortunately, we have all the information you need and can assist you in acquiring a non-owner SR-22 insurance policy that will adequately cover you according to your state’s specific requirements.

Our online services provide you with a fast and easy method for obtaining accurate quotes from various insurance companies that are eligible to offer you non-owner SR-22 coverage. We are committed to helping you find an affordable policy that complies with the insurance guidelines set up by your state. Upon approval for coverage, you will have the ability to submit your SR-22 filing to the DMV for the chance to quickly return to the driver’s seat. Though we will always work to find you the lowest price, keep in mind that your violations and driving experience will have a significant impact on the quotes you receive.