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Important Things to Know About SR-22 Insurance

get-a-free-sr22-insurance-quoteLife is full of surprises, and sometimes, this includes problems with driving records. Critical situations require SR-22 insurance, while minor traffic violations like speeding tickets can usually be resolved by paying a fine and taking classes at traffic school.

But when an SR-22 is required, what does this mean and how do you go about obtaining the appropriate SR-22 insurance?

SR-22 Basic Information

In certain instances where a person is found driving under the influence of alcohol or chemical substances, driving without proper insurance coverage, or has accumulated too many “accident points” with the DMV, their driver’s license is usually suspended or revoked for a period of time by the court or state.

When this delay period is over, a driver may ask to have the license reinstated. But before this can happen an SR-22 form must be filed with the DMV to prove and guarantee the driver will carry sufficient car insurance coverage.

The SR-22 document is a form that an insurance carrier fills out for the driver. This basically states that the driver is insured with the proper coverage. After the SR-22 is signed by an insurance agent and the driver, it is sent to the DMV. Once approved, the driver may have his driving privileges restored.

Typically, the driver’s SR-22 status must be active for at least three years, and any violation not in accordance with the insurance requirements during this time will be directly reported to the DMV. However, not all states require an SR-22 form (Delaware, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania).

SR-22 Insurance Basics

Those who are required to carry SR-22 insurance must buy their policies from companies that are certified and authorized to carry SR-22 driver insurance. Because an SR-22 designation puts the driver into a special class of insured drivers, this may mean increased rates.

In reality, the auto insurance policy is just like any other one, with the exception of an SR-22 “rider” or special fee that is attached to the car insurance policy. Examples of riders can be reimbursements for towing services when a car breaks down or when a rental car is needed in the event that the primary car is in for lengthy repairs.

Selecting a Good SR-22 Insurance Company

The magic of the Internet allows anyone with SR-22 insurance needs to quickly gather and compare different insurance company rates, customer service performance, and other important details. This can make the process go more smoothly and save time and money.

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