Avoiding A DUI For The Holidays

Avoiding A DUI For The Holidays

Its the most wonderful time of the year with parties and celebrations with family and friends. Until your pulled over after indulging in too much good cheer. It may have been wine or maybe even beer but the officer was very clear that drinking and driving should be feared. Avoiding a DUI for the holidays should be first on your holiday list.

Tips For Avoiding A DUI For The Holidays

The simplest tip is the most obvious just don’t drink alcohol and get behind the wheel. Now that is easy to say but may be harder to practice. When your in a celebration setting it’s natural to want to celebrate with your family, friends or coworkers. So if you cant totally abstain from alcohol but still need to get home the following tips may help.

  1. If your at a holiday party be sure to eat first and eat often. A full stomach will slow down alcohol absorption and alcohol craving’s. When drinking on a empty stomach we tend to drink more to fulfill our hunger. This is a recipe for a drunken disaster in a very quick amount of time.
  2. Drink 2 glasses of water or any non alcoholic beverage to every one alcohol beverage. Make sure not to consume more than 1 alcohol drink every ninety minutes. Then wait an additional ninety minutes with out drinking before considering to drive. Depending on your sex and body weight this may or may not keep you out of trouble. See a body weight alcohol chart here. If you feel any effects of the alcohol after waiting the ninety minutes don’t drive.
  3. Purchase a portable breathalyzer and self administer a blood alcohol test at least twice 30 minutes apart from the last drink you ingested. If the reading is .04% or higher wait 30 minutes more and retest. You can find a breathalyzer for purchase here. 
  4. If you know you may be drinking at the holiday celebration do not drive to it. Take a cab or Uber to the party so there is no decision to make about whether your fit to drive or not.
  5. We all tend to run in familiar circles so if you have friends or family that will be attending several holiday parties together arrange a designated driver schedule for each function.
  6. Check for local promotions especially on New Years Eve for free rides or a tow home.
  7. Stay where your at for the evening and drive the next morning.
  8. Do not sleep it off in your car. You can get a DUI even when your not driving.
  9. Call a cab,Uber or friend to pick you up and get your car the next day.

The last thing you will want for Christmas is a DUI so please keep these tips in mind and have a safe holiday from your friends at E-SR22Filing.com. 

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