California DUI Insurance

California DUI Insurance

Is there such such a thing as California DUI Insurance? The answer is no you cannot buy a insurance policy that will cover the cost of receiving a California DUI. The term refers to a policy for a driver that has received a DUI and needs an auto insurance company that will be willing to insure them. Read on to find out more about what your insurance options are after a DUI.

What is California DUI Insurance?

After you receive a DUI you may find that your preferred Insurance company no longer wants to insure you. No need  to panic. There are many smaller insurance markets that specialize in this type of coverage.  You are now entering the Standard/Non Standard insurance market. These type of companies look for drivers that have had DUI, Reckless driving or even excessive traffic tickets. Even if your current insurance still wants your business the rate you pay could double. You also will need a company that can file a SR22 filing also known as Financial Responsibility Certificate. Which many preferred insurance companies cannot do.

Comparison Shopping DUI Insurance.

When looking for a policy you want to buy on more than just price. There are resources like the BBB or AM Best that will give you a rating on the insuring company and customer feedback. You can also check with the California Department of Insurance for consumer complaints. There are insurance brokers that specialize in California DUI Insurance and can shop multiple companies for the best rate. The advantage of dealing with a reputable broker with years of experience cannot be understated when purchasing these types of policies. When shopping DUI Insurance on the internet be careful not to fall prey to the many lead services that will sell your information over and over creating a big spam headache. Read the about us info to fin out who you are really dealing with.

How Long Will I need DUI Insurance?

In California a DUI is a chargeable offense for 3 years after the conviction date. A sr22 insurance filing will be required for the first 3 years after your license is reinstated. After the 3 years the insurance company can no longer count the points to surcharge the premium. However the DUI will remain on your driving record for 10 years and disqualify you from the Prop 103 Good Driver Discount. The discount is 20% which on a $1000.00 policy adds up to $200.00.

I Don’t Own A Vehicle But Need DUI Insurance.

There is a option called Named Non Owner Insurance that is available. When buying this type of policy you are not insured on any vehicle you or a spouse own. You can find more information on these type of policies here.   

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Scott Elford has worked in the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry since 1988. In 1995 Scott started Pacific Sun Insurance Service as the industry changed thru the years Scott created to help people who had lost their driving privilege get it back with easy online sr22 insurance quotes and same day sr22 filings. With 34 years insurance experience and holding 7 different insurance licenses you can rest assured that Scott and the fine folks at Pacific Sun will take care of any sr22 needs you may have.

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