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SR22 Insurance Questions

What is a SR22 insurance policy?

Chances are you are here because you have been informed by the DMV that you are required to file a SR-22 which is a certificate that is added to an insurance policy. The sr22 filing obligates the insurance company to notify DMV if the policy cancels for any reason. If your sr22 requirement has not expired the DMV will re-suspend your drivers license once they are notified.

How long will I need sr22 insurance?

The sr22 insurance requirement is usually a 3 year period but may vary by state to state and your circumstance.

Does the SR22 requirment increase the cost of insurance?

The sr22 filing itself does not increase the premium you will pay for the policy. The policy rate is determined by your driving record, age, vehicle and where you live. Some companies may charge a small fee to file the sr22 ofa $5.00 to $20.00 and we have many companies that do not charge any extra fee for the sr22 filing on the policy.

What happens if my sr22 insurance policy cancels?

Your insurance company will file a sr26 with the DMV which cancels the sr22 . If you have not finished with the sr22 requirement DMV will re-suspend your license again. If you no longer need the sr22 filing the DMV will take no action on your license.

Who needs sr22 insurance?

If your license has been suspended by DMV for a major violation such as DUI reckless driving or a accident with no insurance or excessive minor violations you will be required to obtain an insurance policy with a sr22 filing.

How can I obtain sr22 insurance?

You must purchase at least the state minimum of auto insurance with the sr22 filing attached to the policy. If you do not own a vehicle you can purchase a Named Non Owner Policy with the sr22 attached.  Click here for more information or to receive a quote.

Can you help me obtain sr22 insurance?

Pacific Sun Insurance Service/E-SR22Filing.com represents many insurance companies that offer sr22 insurance. Contact us for a quote and we will find the most affordable price through the different companies we represent. We can issue your sr22 the same day you purchase the policy. We send you the application electronically and you can even sign on a smart phone or desktop or tablet. After you sign you will have the sr22 filing in your email within minutes and a sr22 will also be sent to DMV.

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