Find Low Cost SR22 Insurance

Find Low Cost SR22 Insurance

Has the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state just informed you that a SR22 insurance filling will be required to reinstate your drivers license? If so read on to find valuable tips on finding low cost SR22 insurance.

How You Can Find Low Cost SR22 Insurance.

Keeping your current insurance company.
  • If your insured and really like your insurance company you can reduce premiums by reducing or dropping coverage’s. The DMV only requires the state minimum of liability to file a sr22 with them. However if you are driving a newer vehicle with a loan you will need Physical Damage coverage.  You can inquire about increasing your deductibles. If you are carrying a $100 or $250 deductible an increase to $500 or even a $1,000 will save you substantial money on your premium.
  • Are you carrying high liability limits but you have no assets to protect? If so think about lowering the liability limit. If you are carrying $250,000 in bodily injury liability coverage and $500,000 per accident with $100,000 in property coverage and you own nothing and have no large bank account get rates for lower limits.
  • Check for duplicate Road Side Service or Towing coverage on your policy. If you bought  a service warranty when purchasing your car these coverage’s may be included and you can drop them from your auto insurance.
  • Some service warranties also cover rental car coverage so you may be able to drop it from your auto policy.
  • Find the mileage use the insurance company is rating you for. If they are using a base rate of 15,000 or even 20,000 miles per year and you drive 7,000 let them know. Submit 2 service receipts 90 days apart showing the mileage driven and request a lower premium.
  • Do you have good medical insurance and you are carrying $5,000, $10,000 in medical payments on your auto policy? If so and you rarely if at all drive with passengers you can save by dropping this coverage.
  • Inquire about bundling your auto insurance with your home or renters policy to receive a multi line discount.
Shopping to find low cost SR22 insurance.
  • Use all of the above tips to help keep quoted premiums low.
  • Get rate’s from at least 3 different insurance companies.
  • Use a insurance broker with multiple companies at their disposal who specialize in SR22 insurance.
  • Check with your state’s Department of Insurance to find information on the insurance company or agent before purchasing a policy.
  • Avoid at all cost lead generation companies that look like insurance companies as they charge astronomical fee’e for their leads and that will be past on to you. They will also sell their leads aver and over bombarding you with spam for weeks on end. Click on the about tab on every insurance website you visit and find out who you are dealing with.

If you still cannot find affordable sr22 insurance after using all the above tips you may want to park your car and buy a Named Non Owner Insurance policy. You will save 50% on the premium compared to a minimum liability auto policy but they are very limited in coverage you can find out more here.

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Scott Elford has worked in the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry since 1988. In 1995 Scott started Pacific Sun Insurance Service as the industry changed thru the years Scott created to help people who had lost their driving privilege get it back with easy online sr22 insurance quotes and same day sr22 filings. With 34 years insurance experience and holding 7 different insurance licenses you can rest assured that Scott and the fine folks at Pacific Sun will take care of any sr22 needs you may have.

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