Nevada Non Owner SR22

Nevada Non Owner SR22

If you received a letter of suspension from Nevada DMV because you failed to file a sr22 because you don’t own a vehicle you can buy a Nevada Non Owner SR22 policy. The Non Owner SR22 insurance policy will satisfy the Nevada DMV. However there are important facts to know about  these types of policies.

Nevada Non Owner SR22 Explained

If you don’t own a vehicle, Nevada non owner SR22 insurance will make it possible for you to have your license reinstated. A Named Non Owner insurance policy covers you when driving vehicles you have no ownership in. Some policies will also exclude coverage from vehicles registered at your address but owned by someone else. Its very important to find out about all of the policy limitations before purchase. A SR22 is a certificate known as Financial Responsibility Form. It requires the insuring company to notify Nevada DMV when a policy starts and when it cancels.

Nevada SR22 Requirements

  • State minimum liability of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident for bodily injury with $20,000 in property damage
  • 3 years insurance with no lapses
  • Financial Responsibility Form / SR22 certificate attached to policy
  • If policy cancels a SR26 must be sent to Nevada DMV

Who Needs a Nevada SR22

  • Driver with DUI or DWI conviction
  • Too many violation points on DMV record
  • Failure to pay court ordered child support
  • Uninsured accidents
  • Refusal to submit blood alcohol test

Cost Of Nevada Non Owner SR22

The cost will depend on your age, zip code, number and type of violations. The good news is a Nevada Non Owner SR22 policy is about half the price of insuring a vehicle. You can get a free quote by clicking here.

What Non Owner SR22 Does Not Cover

  • Any vehicle you own including motorcycles and RV.
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Rental vehicles
  • Employer vehicles
  • Vehicles at your residence owned by others
The non owner sr22 policy is also secondary over any other insurance on the vehicle you borrow. Before driving a borrowed vehicle please confirm the vehicle is properly insured by the owner. This is because SR22 insurance does not cover Physical Damage to the vehicle you’re driving. If you buy a vehicle you’ll need to change the policy to an owner SR22 policy. Depending on the vehicle type, year, make and model, and whether it includes liability only or full coverage expect the premium to increase.

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