Every January brings new traffic laws enacted in California. Get information about these new California traffic laws 2020 and how they may effect you. Brought to by your friends at Pacific Sun Insurance Service and

Distracted Driving Law AB 47

AB 47: Driving while using phones in a handheld manner is already illegal if found in violation. The offense is punishable by a fine.  Beginning July 1, 2021, a point will be added to a driver’s record for each similar violation that occurs within 36 months of a previous conviction

Bicycle Laws AB 1266

AB 1266: Cyclist will be allowed to travel straight through a right- or left-turn-only lane at an intersection if a traffic signal indicates it’s allowed. California Transportation will develop appropriate lane striping, signage and pavement markings for 2020.

Peace Officer Use Of Deadly Force AB 392

AB 392: This law revises the standards for use of deadly force by peace officers. The use of deadly force by a peace office is justifiable when the officer reasonably believes it is necessary. Section 835a of the Penal Code amends the reasonable force standard to “objectively reasonable force.”

Transportation Omnibus Bill AB 1810

AB 1810: Section 34621 of the California Vehicle Code (CVC) allowing motor carriers of property to continue operating for 30 days past their permit expiration date, under specified circumstances.
This legislation also provided for an amendment to Section 23229 CVC. California law will now prohibit the consumption of cannabis, in any manner, by passengers in a bus, taxicab, pedicab, limousine, housecars, or camper. This exemption is now only applicable to alcoholic beverages consumed by passengers in these types of vehicles.

Road Kill Laws

SB 395: Directs the Department of Fish and Wildlife to conduct a wildlife-collision data collection pilot program to support wildlife conservation efforts.
Additionally, this bill would authorize the Fish and Game Commission, in consultation with the CHP and other stakeholders, to establish a wildlife salvage pilot program authorizing the issuance of a permit for the removal and recovery of deer, elk, pronghorn antelope, and wild pigs killed because of a collision with a vehicle, if the wild game meat is used for human consumption.

Foreign Service Driver’s Licenses Law

SB 267: Licenses of those enlisted in the United States Foreign Service (and their spouses) are valid the entire time they’re out of the state and for 30 additional days from when they honorably separate from service or return to California.

Driver License Suspension Law

SB 485 Unless authorized by law, courts and DMVs cannot suspend or delay someone’s driving privilege if they’re convicted of a crime that doesn’t involve a Vehicle Code violation, unless the offense involved the use, or attempted use, of a vehicle.

Domestic Air Travel Law

Beginning Oct. 1, a standard California identification won’t get you on a domestic flight. You’ll need a passport, military or other federally approved ID. Or a California Real ID-compliant driver’s license. Motorists must visit a DMV office in person to acquire a Real ID. They will need to provide several documents proving their identity of citizenship and residency. Travel experts advise travelers to obtain a passport or Real ID before Oct. 1 if they plan to fly.

Ban On Selling DMV Appointments

AB 317: Makes it unlawful for any person to sell, or offer for sale, an appointment with the DMV.

Clean Air Vehicle Decals for Low-Income Californians

SB 957: Allows certain used vehicles that were previously issued a green or white clean air vehicle decal to receive another clean air vehicle decal, granting access to high occupancy vehicle lanes until January 1, 2024. To qualify, the vehicle must have a new owner whose income is 80 percent or less than the statewide median income.

Operation of Motorized Scooters

AB 1810: Removes motorized scooters from the list of vehicles requiring a Class M2 driver license or permit, thus allowing a person with a valid driver license or permit of any class to operate a motorized scooter.

Rules for Passing Waste Service Vehicles

AB 2115: Requires a driver approaching or passing a stopped waste service vehicle to make a lane change into an available lane adjacent to the waste service vehicle and pass at a safe distance, with due regard for safety and traffic conditions, except as specified.

So now that you have the information on California traffic laws 2020 go out there and be a safe driver!

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