Concerns over the corona virus have prompted the Oregon DMV  to alter operation at field offices through out the state. If you need a drive behind the wheel test  or have one scheduled they have suspended all tests until at least April 17.

Is My Local Oregon DMV Closing because of Corona Virus?

Under the Governor’s March 23 “Stay Home, Save Lives” Executive Order, only six Oregon DMV offices will be open. They will be by appointment only for commercial driver knowledge tests. Commercial driver license issuance beginning Wednesday, March 25, 2020. Limited public access will be in effect until April 28, 2020 unless conditions allow DMV to open more offices sooner.

Offices Open For CDL Appointments

Because commercial driving is essential for anyone transporting people or goods necessary for the response to the COVID-19 public health emergency. CDL holders and new CDL applicants may schedule an appointment for a knowledge test or commercial driver license issuance by calling their local DMV office phone number, 503-299-9999 in the Portland area, or 503-945-5000 elsewhere. The following locations are currently open:

  • Baker City
  • Bend
  • Hermiston
  • Medford
  • North Salem
  • Southeast Portland (8710 SE Powell Blvd.)

To schedule a Commercial Drive Test, you must use a private third party CDL tester business. You can find a third party provider here.

Is There A Grace Period For Vehicle Registration?

The Oregon DMV has partnered with Oregon law enforcement agencies to exercise discretion in their enforcement of driver licenses, vehicle registrations and trip permits that expire during the COVID-19 emergency. Oregon State Police, Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police, and Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association have agreed to support a grace period for enforcing expired credentials.

This include’s the following credentials that could expire during the COVID-19 emergency:

  • Driver license and identification cards
  • Passenger vehicle registrations
  • Commercial vehicle registrations
  • Trip permits and temporary registrations
  • Disabled parking permits

Until the emergency is over, law enforcement agencies and associations have agreed to exercise flexibility and discretion when reviewing driver licenses, ID cards, and vehicle registrations. The grace period is particularly important for Oregonians in the Portland metro region and Medford whose vehicles must be inspected by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality before renewing their vehicle registration. DEQ has suspended vehicle emissions testing, so these individuals are currently unable to renew their vehicle registrations.

Oregon DMV Services Available Through United States Postal Service

  • SR-22 insurance filings
  • Reinstatement fees
  • Vehicle dealer paperwork
  • Vehicle registration renewals

There are a variety of services you can also do online by going here. They include the following:

  • renew vehicle registration
  • Updating your address Oregon law requires notification when you move address within 30 days.
  • Report the sale of your vehicle and release of liability
  • Get a trip permit if your tags are expired or license plates are lost or stolen, or if you’ve just bought a car without current plates

For the latest information on the Corona Virus in Oregon state go to the Governors Covid-19 page 

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