Oregon DUI Diversion Information

Oregon DUI Diversion Information

If you are a first time DUI offender you will want Oregon DUI diversion information. The successful completion of the DUI diversion program will dismiss your DUI charge. Diversion can be a good option for the first time DUI.

About the Oregon DUI diversion program

The alternative to taking a DUI to trial or pleading guilty or no contest is the diversion program.  Oregon does not allow deferred prosecutions, deferred judgments, probation or pleading down to a lesser charge. By entering and completing the DUI diversion program you can avoid some of the penalties such as jail, fines, and license suspension. Typically diversion is the best choice for a first time DUI offender.

Who Is eligible For Oregon DUI diversion?

You  may be eligible if you can meet the following requirements.

  1. You have no other charges for a DUI or similar offense in any other state.
  2. No DUI convictions in the prior 15 years.
  3. You are not currently in a diversion program in any other state.
  4.  No charge or conviction for vehicular in Oregon or any other state.
  5. You did not hold a commercial drivers license or operate a commercial vehicle at the time offense.
  6. The current DUI did not involve death or personal injury accident.
  7. No convictions for felony DUI in Oregon or any other state.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Requirements to Complete Diversion

  1. Complete a drug and alcohol evaluation assessment treatment program.
  2. Attend a one time victims impact treatment session.
  3. Pay fees and assessments and cost to courts and treatment providers.
  4. No consuming of non prescribed drugs or alcohol for 1 year.
  5.  Install a interlock ignition device on any vehicle you drive.

Are DUI charges dropped after completion of diversion?

If the diversion is fully completed the charges are dropped and there is no conviction on record. If the program is terminated for failure to comply with program requirements a DUI conviction will be automatic.

What are the costs involved.

No fines are associated with diversion but there are several fees that will be incurred to complete the program such as follows.

  • $490 in court fees.
  • $150 to $250 for drug and alcohol assessment
  • Approximately $50 for victims panel class
  • Any fees required for drug and alcohol treatment classes
  • Urine drug testing fees
  • Ignition interlock device fees depending on if you plan on driving while completing diversion

What are the pros and cons of participating in the diversion program?

The pros of successfully completing the diversion program include: no criminal conviction; no conviction based license suspension; no probation; no jail or community service; no mandatory SR-22 filing and less fines and fees.

The cons of electing to enter the diversion program include: you cannot fight or otherwise challenge your impairment or the officers’ actions (except at a DMV hearing); you can do diversion only once every 15 years; and participation in diversion will go on your driving record.

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