Have you been informed by DMV you need a sr22 drivers license reinstatement in order to receive your driving privileges back and your not sure what that is. Not to worry filing a sr22 responsibility filing is as easy as buying insurance read on for tips in finding the best sr22 providers.

What Is A SR22 Responsibility Filing?

Quite simply put a SR22 filing is proof of insurance that is sent to DMV by an insurance company. It informs DMV when the policy has started and when the policy lapses or cancels. It is referenced to your drivers license number not to any vehicle you may own. The DMV will offer sr22 driver reinstatement if all conditions for license reissue have been met.

Possible DMV Conditions For SR22 Driver License Reinstatement

How Long Is SR22 Insurance Required For?

The most common requirement for sr22 insurance is 3 years of continuous coverage to satisfy state DMV. Depending on the state if you let the sr22 insurance lapse or cancel they may reimpose the 3 years from the date of cancellation. DMV will also require a sr22 drivers license reinstatement fee if the license is suspended due to a sr22 being cancelled.

Can I Get SR22 Driver License Reinstatement With No Car?

Yes you can purchase either a Named Non Owner Policy or a Named Broadform Policy with the sr22 filing attached. Not every insurance company offers these types of policies and there are significant limitations to both policies which offer liability coverage only.

What Does SR22 Insurance Cost?

The cost will depend on several rating factors that access risk, such as:

  • Age of driver
  • physical address
  • driving record
  • type of vehicle
  • type of policy

There are many companies that offer sr22 insurance so be sure to get more than one quote. An insurance broker that specializes in sr22 insurance can be a great place to start as they have multiple carriers and can compare rates for you.

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Scott Elford has worked in the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry since 1988. In 1995 Scott started Pacific Sun Insurance Service as the industry changed thru the years Scott created to help people who had lost their driving privilege get it back with easy online sr22 insurance quotes and same day sr22 filings. With 34 years insurance experience and holding 7 different insurance licenses you can rest assured that Scott and the fine folks at Pacific Sun will take care of any sr22 needs you may have.

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