Has Virginia DMV advised you that you need a SR22 or FR44 insurance filing to reinstate your license but you do not own a car. Then a Virginia Non Owner SR22 Insurance Policy may be what you need. Find important information on these policies and who should or should not purchase them

Will A Virginia Non Owner SR22 Or FR44 Insurance Work For Me?

That depends on your vehicle situation. If you have a private passenger vehicle in your name the answer would be no. You will be signing insuring documents that state you understand there is no coverage when driving vehicles you own. Not only does it exclude coverage on your vehicle but on a spouses vehicle as well. The policy can also exclude coverage from any vehicle that is registered at the same physical address as you. The Virginia Non Owner SR22 policy will cover when you drive other peoples vehicles not living with you. The insurance coverage is secondary over the vehicle you borrow. Which means the borrowed cars insurance would pay first and if exhausted then the Non Owner Policy will pay second.

What If I Get A Vehicle?

If you are carrying a Non Owner SR22/FR44 and you purchase a vehicle you must endorse the policy to a Owner Operator policy. If the insuring company you have only does Non Owner Insurance then you will need to purchase a new policy. Expect premiums to increase when you make this change as now you have a car the risk has increased for the insurance company.

What Is An SR22 or FR44

A SR22 or FR44 filing is an extra form that an insurance company provides to Virginia DMV on your behalf. It will obligate the insurance company to notify the DMV at policy inception and when it cancels or lapses. When DMV receives a SR-22 that a policy has started they will offer license reinstatement if all other requirements and fines have been met. If DMV receives a SR-26 that a policy has cancelled or lapsed they will suspended if the SR22/FR44 requirement is still needed. You can contact the Virginia DMV here to find more information on your license status.

What Is The Difference Between A SR22 Filing and A FR44 Filing?

Virginia requires drivers to file an FR-44 if they are convicted of a DUI, injuring another party as a result of the DUI, driving with a license that was revoked due to a previous conviction, or violating a similar federal law or the law of another state. Virginia require drivers needing an FR-44 to purchase well above the minimum liability car insurance coverage normally required.

  • FR44 Filing requires liability limits of
    $50,000 per person bodily injury liability with $100,000 per accident bodily injury liability coverage
    $40,000 property damage liability coverage
  • SR22 Filing requires liability limits of:
    $25,000 per person bodily injury liability with $50,000 per accident bodily injury liability coverage
    $20,000 property damage liability coverage

This liability insurance covers other parties and damage to their property if you cause an accident. Other than this added requirement, FR-44 certification works exactly like SR-22 certification. If your not sure which filing you need you can find the Virginia DMV here.

What Is The Time Requirement For Virginia Non Owner SR22/FR44?

The SR22/FR44 requirement for both non owner and owner operator policies is 3 years. Do not make the mistake of waiting several years before filing the SR22/FR44 as the requirement does not go away if you wait. The three years will start from the date you first file after becoming eligible to reinstate your license. And remember to keep that policy in force to keep your license valid.

Where Can I Find Virginia Non Owner SR22/FR44 Insurance?

There are many options when shopping for a SR22 policy. Do not make the mistake of filling out a form for a lead generation company that will sell your information to as many agents or insurance companies as they can.  When on a website click on the about us tab and find out who you are dealing with before sharing your personal info. A good option can be getting rate’s through a licensed insurance broker who can check multiple SR-22 insurance companies on your behalf.

Is Virginia Non Owner SR22/FR44 Insurance Expensive?

A non owner policy is the most inexpensive type of SR22 insurance you can buy. The price is often half that of a owner operator policy. The reasoning is that since you do not own a vehicle there is less risk exposure than if you owned a vehicle. Another reason is when you borrow other peoples vehicle’s the coverage is secondary over their existing insurance.



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