Options For Washington SR22 Insurance.

There are several options if you need SR22 insurance in Washington state depending on the circumstances. Please read on to find out which option will be the best one for you.

 Owner Operator SR22 Insurance Policy.

Owner Operator SR22 insurance policy covers you driving vehicles that are owned by you. It also will follow you if you drive other peoples vehicles that are insured. The insurance is secondary over their policy if your involved in an accident that exceeds the liability limit. If there are other people in your household that are drivers they should also be listed on the policy as covered drivers.

Broad Form SR22 Insurance Policy

Broad Form SR22 insurance covers you on all private passenger vehicles you own for liability coverage. It also follows you when  borrowing other vehicles that are insured or not. If they are insured the coverage is secondary. If there is no insurance the coverage is primary and will pay first dollar coverage. The coverage will only apply to the owner of the policy no other drivers can be listed on the policy. The broad form SR22 insurance policy is a great option for people that have multiple vehicles they drive and there are no other drivers.

Named Non Owner SR22 Insurance Policy

Named Non Owner SR22 insurance policy covers you when you drive a vehicle that you have no ownership in. The policy restricts coverage on vehicles that are registered to your address and also a spouses vehicle. Coverage is secondary over the persons vehicle you borrow and pays after the liability limit is exhausted. If you obtain a vehicle you must add it to the policy in order to have coverage.

Which SR22 Insurance Policy Is Right?

If still not sure which SR22 insurance policy is right or you want pricing options please click HERE to get more information and a SR22 insurance quote.