What is DUI Insurance? Is this insurance you can buy to pay for cost’s like fines and penalties related to receiving a DUI. The correct answer is no you cannot purchase a policy to protect you against a criminal act. The term “DUI Insurance” refers to a person who needs insurance after receiving a DUI and the special circumstance they are now in.

Will My Current Insurer Keep Me after A DUI?

The short answer is maybe or maybe not. Because auto insurance has become so competitive some insurance companies are not pulling MVR (motor vehicle reports) at renewal time. If you have been with the same company for years with no collision claims they may be quite happy not to look. The reason being is if they look and find a DUI then they have to act. If their underwriting states they don’t accept a DUI they would have to cancel and lose a customer. Even if they do accept such a driver the rate increase may also force the customer to go elsewhere.

How Much Will The Insurance Cost?

There is no set amount on how much insurance will increase after a DUI. A insurance company will look at other factors beside’s driving record such as:

  • Age of driver
  • Years licensed
  • Martial status
  • Type of vehicle
  • Address of garaging
  • Annual miles driven
  • Use of vehicle ( pleasure driving only, commute and pleasure or business use)
  • Coverage requested (if you want more coverage than the state minimum)

With this being said if your insurance company finds and charges you for a DUI the rates are definitely going to increase. Some insurance companies will weigh a DUI conviction heavier than others. You will be surprised at the cost differences between companies and it may very well pay to shop the rate.

Is SR22 Insurance The Same AS DUI Insurance?

If you been convicted of a DUI you will be required to carry a financial responsibility certificate or SR22 which is filed with the DMV. The SR22 will obligate the insuring company to notify DMV when the policy is started and when the policy ends. If DMV still requires the sr22 be on file and the policy cancels they will suspend your drivers license until a new sr22 is filed. Find  a link to your state DMV here if your not sure a sr22 is required.

What If I Do Not Own A Vehicle But Need SR22 Insurance.

You can purchase either a Named Non Owner Policy or a Broad Form policy depending on what state you reside in. The Non Owner Policy will cover you while driving vehicles you don’t own for liability coverage only and is about half the cost of a Broad Form policy. The Broad Form will cover you and only you on any  private passenger vehicle you own or not for liability coverage.


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Scott Elford has worked in the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry since 1988. In 1995 Scott started Pacific Sun Insurance Service as the industry changed thru the years Scott created E-sr22filing.com to help people who had lost their driving privilege get it back with easy online sr22 insurance quotes and same day sr22 filings. With 34 years insurance experience and holding 7 different insurance licenses you can rest assured that Scott and the fine folks at Pacific Sun will take care of any sr22 needs you may have.

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