What Is SR-22 Insurance?

What Is SR-22 Insurance?

You found out that you are required to carry a SR-22 and you may be wondering what is SR-22 insurance? Quite simply put the SR-22 is a certificate that is attached to a automobile policy. It obligates the insurance company to issue the SR-22 to your state DMV when the policy is purchased notifying them that you are complying with the your states minimum liability requirements.

My SR-22 Cancelled.

Your insurance company will send a notification to the DMV called a SR-26 which cancels the SR-22.  If the SR-22 is still required by the state DMV they will send a notice of suspension. If you ignore the suspension letter and do not repurchase a SR-22 Policy they will suspend your driving privileges until you comply. You will also face a reinstatement fee from DMV to receive your license back.

I don’t own a car but need SR-22 insurance?

Purchase a Non Owner Policy which is a liability only that follows you driving cars that you have no ownership in. To find out more information on Non Owner Insurance click here.  If you acquire a vehicle you must change the policy and add the vehicle to the policy so you will have coverage. The insurance company will notify DMV that your non owner SR-22 has been changed to a Auto Policy and they will send a new SR-22.

Amount of time a SR-22 is  required?

For most states the SR-22 requirement is 3 year period from when you start the insurance policy.

What if I need the SR-22 in a state I no longer reside in?

That is usually not a problem we have several companies that can issue out of state SR-22 certificates to the state that is requiring it.

What does SR-22 Insurance cost?

The SR-22 cost is minimal. A lot of companies do the SR-22 Filing for free and others may charge a small fee of $5.00 to $20.00. The real cost is the insurance you are buying not the SR-22 itself. You can get a free SR-22 quote by clicking here.

How do I get a SR-22?

If you have an insurance policy call your agent or company and request they add the SR-22 to your policy. If your not insured or your current company cannot help get a SR-22 quote by clicking here. We represent multiple insurance companies and will look for the very best sr22 rate.

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